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About Wendy J St Christopher

Wendy J St Christopher Wendy J. St. Christopher,
Digital Artist and Photographer


"If a little dreaming is dangerous,
the cure for it is not to dream less
but to dream more --
to dream all the time!"
~ Marcel Proust (1871-1922)

Combining my love of photography with a passion for computer technology was like suddenly realizing I could fly!

My early efforts were in Photographic Art (photo-manipulation), as I learned to digitally enhance and alter my original photographs to create new and exciting images. Experimentation with various other types of digital work - fractals and other contemporary genres - quickly followed.

Using hi-tech hardware and progressive software techniques, I create images in a variety of formats and sizes, which are ultimately printed on paper, canvas, metal, textiles, and other specialty materials.

My portfolio ranges from photo-based landscapes, florals, and architectural pieces, to purely digital abstracts and kaleidoscopic images. Vivid color (sometimes, carefully considered black and white), bold shapes, visual texture, and an endless supply of imagination assist in telling my two-dimensional stories.

Much of my work is born from insomnia. Chronic sleeplessness offers both time and inspiration for creating unique dreamscapes, which are even more satisfying in the bright light of day.

In dialogue with the viewer, my art readily shares a lifetime of experiences, ideas, and emotions.

"My dreams are always in color."
~ Wendy J. St. Christopher



My dreams are
always in color!

- Wendy J. St. Christopher

Part serious technology geek, part exuberantly creative insomniac. Welcome to my world!

As a digital artist and photographer, I create with PC, printer, and/or camera, instead of canvas, paint, and brush. I'm always in hot pursuit of the elusive "Wow!" factor.

Thanks, in part, to the boundless marketing potential of the Internet, my art is being collected worldwide, having been shipped to many far-flung locations over the years. (New Zealand being the most distant, Penzance being the most unexpected.)

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If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less, but to dream more ... to dream all the time!
- Marcel Proust (1871-1922)
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Digital Art - What's it all about?

Digital art, still an exciting, new concept to many, is all about bringing creative ideas and imaginings to life using modern tools of technology, like computers and printers, instead of traditional tools, such as brushes and paints.

It's as simple, and wonderful, as that.

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